The main characters of our story

  • Rachel Hurd-Wood is Alba.

    Alba, an independent youth aged 20, lives with her father in a farmhouse near the city of Lleida. They have just moved there from London, following the death of her mother over a year ago. She doesn’t like living so far from the city, so she has just bought a scooter to go there whenever she wants and a mobile phone on which she records a video diary.

    Rachel Hurd-Wood is an English actress, aged 24, known internationally for her portrayal of Wendy in P.J. Hogan’s film, Peter Pan. She has also participated in other films, such as An American Haunting or Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. Last year she starred in Highway to Dhampus.
  • Andrés Batista is Dídac (boy).

    Dídac is a somewhat solitary 10-year-old boy, who is passionate about football and tractors. Alba gives him private English classes two days a week but he doesn’t like it much. He has little in common with Alba. For now.

    This is André Batista’s first film, after being chosen out of more than 300 boys who took part in auditions held all over Catalonia. These were supervised by Bigas Luna himself.ño.jpg
  • Ibrahim Mané is Dídac (adult).

    Dídac grows up and pursues a universal dream: he is in love with an older woman. Out of this bold, innocent and necessary relationship, a child is born. Dídac will protect this relationship and his child come hell or high water.

    This is Ibrahim Mané’s first film after being chosen by Bigas Luna from more than 300 youths all over Catalonia. The young actor has also featured in the Second Origin teaser in the role of Dídac as a boy.
  • Sergi López is The Man.

    The Man symbolises all men. Before the disaster, he lived happily with his wife and 6-month-old son. But only he survived. After the catastrophe, he lives on an island and travels all over the Mediterranean searching for survivors. Surviving alone is not easy.

    Sergi López is one of the most prestigious actors in Spain. His role in the film With A Friend Like Harry, by Manuel Poirier, won him the Awards for Best European Actor and Best Actor from the French Film Academy. He has three Goya nominations for the films Pa negre (2010), Pan’s Labyrinth (2006) and Sólo Mía (2001).