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Second Origin Typescript


The Book of the New Humanity

Second Origin Typescript (Mecanoscrit del segon origen) is a novel written in 1974 by Manuel de Pedrolo, which has sold over 2,300,000 copies. It is a key novel in the science fiction genre and the cornerstone of contemporary Catalan literature.

Second Origin Typescript is a book that starts with an end to underscore a new beginning. Truthful, universal, sometimes harrowing, sometimes tender, it is one of those timeless and deeply moving stories that stirs from within. An essentially human book and impossible to forget. Now and for the first time, the cinema has reopened its pages to honour this tale of love and overcoming.

Are you ready to discover the origin of a new humanity?

“We never read enough, even if we read too much”
Manuel de Pedrolo
author of Second Origin Typescript

Manuel de Pedrolo is one of the most important Catalan writers of 20th century literature. Although he is known mainly as a novelist, his literary work is very extensive and covers all the literary genres (poetry, drama, essay, short stories, etc…). During his career, he received 23 literary awards, one of them for his first novel, Es vessa una sang fàcil (Joanot Martorell Award, 1954). On 25 May 1979 he received the Catalan Literary Lifetime Achievement Award.

Second Origin Typescript is one of his most popular and internationally successful works, especially among young readers. The book has been translated into several languages, such as Portuguese and French, thereby crossing our borders.